I need both Covers for my Thriller story!


Can anyone make either or both of my covers? I won’t reveal anything about it yet, only the my chosen maker(s). Thanks a bunch hoomans! Reply down below if you can, and please also put an example of your edits!




Epsiode Assassins can help!

Just click the link and request there! All our examples are posted on the first part of the thread :blush:


which edits were the ones you made again? i cant remember :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lol let me send it and you know Episode harmony is always there to help


ofc ofc :smile_cat:



ooo okay thanks :kissing_closed_eyes:




Im hungry now I cany believe you ate in my face it made me drool how dare you Im getting you back just you watch


lmfaooo haha


I can also help if you need it.