I need brutally honest feedback on my covers


!! i used episode_amanda’s EA!!

okay, i messily put these together but i’d like some constructive criticism lol

that’s the small one

that’s te large one, they’re a bit blurry.

thanks xx


Its actually shockingly good TOTALLY HONEST I am always honest cuz I dont want people embarassing themselves


thank you so much :joy::joy::heart:


Yes, ofc may I ask, do you take submissions?


i might start doing them ahaha, i never thought they were good enough to though.


They are better than over half of them I have seen on this website!


thank you so much :joy::joy: i might start doing them, my instagram is @epi.juules if you’d like to follow it, in case i ever do start doing covers.




its really good ngl. what app do u use?


:sparkling_heart: Super cute!! :heart_eyes:


Looks really good!


They are good. Though I feel like they have alot going on maybe have less decor like birds and other stuff! From you fellow author and cover artist -Me!!!


These are great! I like the aesthetic :+1:


i used background eraser, picsart and pronto. thank you :heart:


thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


thank youuuuU :sparkling_heart:


alright, thank you vv much!!


thanks :smile:


I think it looks awesome, but the only thing out of place (in my opinion) and I know it’s supposed to show the emotions and stuff, but the hearts on their heads-and I’m mostly point out the purple one especially- look a bit unnatural.


soooooooooooo cute I LOVE THESE