I need cantonese (Hong Kong), japanese and portuguese (Brazil) translators!

Hello everyone :^)

For my new story, I have different characters from Hong Kong, Japan and Brazil. I’d really appreciate if someone from these countries and/or with these cultures could help me out with certain things. Of course, I’ll give credit for the huge favor you’re doing to me!

While the main language of my story is english, I want to add some kind of good representation, since I really like these countries a lot! I have watched many documentaries, but I want to have someone by my side who can help me out in case I’m wrong. I also speak Castillian Spanish, so if you ever need a hand with a character who is spanish you can always contact me through the forums!!

If you want to help me out, you can always contact me on Instagram (@cabuwrites) and here on the forums!!


hey! yes, i deactivated my instagram because i want to be focused on writing now, whenever i need you help, can i send u a message through the forums? :^)