I need chapter background (please help me out)

Hi, I’m currently writing a story and I need a background that looks a bit more fancy. Then what you can choose between in episode.

I would like the chapter background to have written:
“Chapter 1”, “Chapter 2”, “Chapter 3” and so on, until chapter 20 or something. With a BIG font or just so it’s visible.

I don’t want any specific font, just something that fits with the theme fantasy, supernatural…

The color of the font should either be white or black :white_heart: :black_heart:

There shouldn’t be any specific background just the following colors:

  • white

  • grey

  • light blue

  • yellow

You know, bright colors.

I want YOU to make it so YOU think it looks good. It doesn’t matter where you place the colors

The image must be at least 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall.

If you want any more information feel free to text me private;-)

Thank you in advance!!<33

So do you want a splash or just the backgrounds?

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You can request here :point_down: I will be happy to help.

Just the backgrounds :purple_heart:

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Ok! If you want me to make them I can. Just PM me (or continue our already existing PM)