I need character names


i need bad boy names and any type of girl names


Stella and Zoey for a girl and fo the bad boy name Alec


i like those but i still would like something a little more edgy


How about Wren? This is a cool name for a girl or boy! :grin:


i might use this name idk but thanks


Jaxon and Bianca?


i really like those i might use them for maybe a younger sister or something


Okay! Glad to help! Tell me if you need anymore!


i would actually like as many as i can get i suck at coming up with names


Use what feels right! No pressure Lol :joy:
Another Idea:
In my stories I sometimes use the name of an object (such as Cricket & Clementine) for the characters. Then I have them dress like their names (Clementine wears a lot of orange, Cricket wears nature oriented and green clothing)
Happy writing! :heart: :sparkles:




Alex, Noah, Miles, Ezra, Edgar, Nicolas, Antony, Brandon, Landon, Sam, Simon, Toby, Cameron, Kendall, Victor, Nick, Andrew, John, Harper, Jake, James, Kevin.

Victoria, Hope, Grace, Rose, Mia, Mina, Alex, Anna, Anastasia, Angela, Sarah, Stephanie,Barbara, Blake, Charlotte, Cindy, Kantharia, Kasandra, Faith, Lena, Elena, Mindy, North, Dream, Kath .


omg i love the name north and dream i am defintley going to use those


Lol no problem!


How about Ace for the guy


already using that name in one of my other stories i don’t want there to be any confusion


Oh ok lol srry…what’s your story called.?


this story is called typical bad boy the other one is called flaws


Jack and Olivia


lol my name is olivia