I need character profile art scenes?

I dont know the best way to describe this… In the first episode when you meet a new character I want to show their full body in a like… an edit I guess? With a splash background and the character doing a pose that fits their personality with their name above it. With maybe a little editing to make the characters look just a bit nicer?
Kind of like in the love island game I guess? But obviously not that arty lol! I need them quite quickly if you can help I’d really appreciate it! Just some really basic edits would be absolutely fine :sweat: :pray::pray::pray::yum::yum:


I’m terrible at full body edits but i just wanted to say that game is my new obsession, i’ve literally finished all the days and i’m waiting for updates :joy::revolving_hearts:

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Episode harmony can

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Heh I promise not to talk about Love Island on this thread… Guess some people flagged the conversation Sorry about that everyone.

episode harmony? Thanks I’ll look into it

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