I Need Character Roles - Background Characters: Drop Here

I Need Background Characters for my upcoming story!

I Will Need
  • Name
  • Ink Character Details
  • Along with an outfit that matches your role.
  • Characters Personality Type (Kind, Sassy, Funny etc…
If You Want To Be A More Important Role

You Can Be a:
Friend-Close Friend of the MC
An ex (lol)

Less Important Role

You Can Be a:

  • Cafe background character
  • Club Background Character
  • Cheer leader Character
  • School Background Character
  • Nurse
  • Cop

Also how to you want me to mention you?

Role: witch

Personality: sassy,rebel (you get the idea lol)

Role I want: demon

Personality: mean (lol just mean)

just being curious whats your story about you don’t have to answer lol

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Role: Cafe background character
Personality: Lazy, always procrastinates, over-exagerrates things.
Mention: No need for mention!

What is her name? Lol sry I can’t see it?

Oof- your a life saver :wilted_flower:
I needed another one lmao

Ink… For right now cuz I’m finishing the Ink before I stsrt the LL so if ubhave any Characters in ink feel free to drop them…

@Sydney_H Can You Close This?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: