I need characters for a new story im making


click the link to fill out a form and i will pick a few people from a random draw to be in my story


There is no link.


@Purple_Ghost i had to fix it


I don’t know if you left these out on purpose, but you are missing eye and lip shape.


@Purple_Ghost yeah i know, i only use certain lip and eye shapes


It’s not about what u want @simpilyjenna, it’s about how the people want to make their characters, that’s the whole reason for a background character. :roll_eyes:


@Estefi i know that but most of the eye and lip shapes bother me


I think though that you will begin to loose diversity in your characters if you restrict face, nose, eye, and lip shape. Diversity does not end at color.

Of course as the author, the choice is ultimately yours.


@Purple_Ghost @Estefi i added face, lip, nose and eye shapes


Thx, sorry if we ever came off as wrong, from both me and ghost! :blush: :heart:


Is the story ink or limelight?