I need characters for my story. Please help

My story is going to be a gang of different people that have powers. If you’re interested in it then please tell me your power and name. Also what your character looks like. Please say if you want to be a hero or villain. If you have any questions just ask. I will make one of you the main character.

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Power-> can be any
Hair -> white , straight
Eyes-> white , slender natural
Nose-> pointed
Skin time-consuming> toffee
Face-> diamond
Lips-> blossom lips
Outfit-> anything with jacket

Okay thank you

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Haha, I would love to be VILLAN :joy:

INK or LL?

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Haha, the thing I forgot to ask😅

Power- Can read minds, Can attract people by reading mind
Name- Allura (which means power of attraction)
Hair- Strawberry Blonde (Straight) Not the long one
Nose- button
Skin - if limelight- tan rose
if ink - Olive
Face -oval
Eyes - Upturned Feline (Purple)
Lips - Blossom lips
Definitely the hero but if you could…make me dead in the ending

What name


Lol, I am forgot many things :sweat_smile:
Name—> aya

Okay. I’m done and sure I could.

Fire or water power? Do you want invisibility?

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Invisibllity sounds cool

Okay. That can be your power.

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I want to be a hero
My power can be to detect when danger is coming

Yee :hugs:

Okay. What name and what do you look like.

SKin: Olive
Eyebrow:Defined Natural
Hair:Beach Wave Black
Eyes:Upturned Feline brown
Face:Soft heart
Nose:Soft Natural
Lips:Classic Sable

Okay done

What power

I want to be a hero
My power can be to detect when danger is coming or I sense danger