I need characters idea! (I could give you credits, if you want me to.)

Hey guys! (Yeah again me ugh smh tbh.)

I’d like to some of you help me with characters idea, because I’ve ran out of ideas so I don’t know what (random) characters should look like.
I need some characters like old women, old men, girls, women, children, boys and even guys. I’m not asking you to give me your characters to add in my story, I’d like need a help. I need more characters, would you help send me some characters that are casual like

But I want different characters feature instead of using them, because if I use them, that’ll make my story boring…. I want your characters ideas, to help to make the random characters unique!!

I’ll need the details of characters of your ideas and outfits, you could make them weirdo, rich, normal, homeless, etc…
Thank you so much for reading. I hope you could help me!

If you have so many ideas about characters, you could send pictures of them or list of their details.

(Plz lol.) Could you help me without or having to give credit to you? But I’ll make narrator to list some of you that helped me! You don’t have to give me the credit, if you’d like to then I will.

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You could put some with different hair colors like purple blue etc.
Or choose a feature like a nose at random?


Well, that could be good idea. But I still need help. xD

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Here are some of mine


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Thank yOU SO MUCH damn. Gurl, slay