I need characters in my story (INK)

Hello! I need some characters in my story “The Squad’s Goal”. I am redoing the story (If you got put in the old version you have reply here or you WILL NOT be in my story.) This topic will only be up for an hour. I don’t need much characters.


Teacher (0) (@Fernanda2)
I need students!:
Nerds (1)(@Lauren.H) (@BrookeMarie)
Sporty (2) (@Amiraa) (@LaurelleE27) (@Alyssa_Epi)
Hippy (3)(@EX064IG) (@Liyah.Episode)
Religious (4)
Weird (5)(@cakegirl_44)
Girly (@chani_bae) (@roscpetal)
Family members:
Cousin (7) (@CrystalKitty
Weird Aunt (8)
Weird Uncle (9)

Sad homeless person (10)
Yourself (11)

Btw ‘Yourself’ is you. You can pick whatever weird, wack, whatever personality you want.’

Sorry if not all of you can get on the list. I’ll have a max of two people on each thing (eeeee idk)


if it’s a LL story.
can I be the student or sister.
personality - independent. party girl. hot head but a loyal friend


I forgot to put INK in the title sorry, I can make your character into an INK one if that is alright?


okay :slight_smile:


I’ll upload my details in a minute…
Can I be a sister though?

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Here is my character
Name: Brooke
Gender: Female
Skin: Taupe
Eyebrows: Thin Curved
Hair: Straight (Chestnut)
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Green)
Face: Oval
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Classic (Cherry Red)
Outfit: (casual)

It should look like this:

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What is your Insta? If you don’t have one that’s fine

my insta is brookemarie.epyy

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Instagram: epi_weird
Outfit (casual)
Student sporty

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I want to be a young teacher
Character deets:
Eyes : upturned feline green
Nose: upturned
Hair: straight fawn
Face: oval and honey
Mouth: full round taupe or something
Eyebrows: mature defined
Name: fernanda

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sister maybe?

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Thank you, do you have an Insta?

Okay, thank you!

I’ll find a role for you!

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Hmm, I need some students, do you mind if I make you a student? (Btw do you have a Insta?)

totally okay w that! yes, jess.episodes

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