I need coding help for disappearing choices!

Hello everyone!

I have a scene in my story about choosing activities to do. Once a choice is made it disappears. I have followed Dara Amarie’s guide to the T (I think). I used her guide in a previous chapter and it worked perfectly! But for some reason, in this current chapter, when I get to the part where the choices are supposed to appear, it just skips over the choices and all the scenes that go in each choice. It’s super frustrating and I don’t know how to fix it! It worked perfectly fine in my other chapter. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! :weary: :tired_face: Oh and it works perfectly in the web previewer, but it won’t work in the mobile previewer. Super. Frustrating. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Do you mind sending a picture of what you’ve coded?

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    SCARLETT (talk_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop)
But now you need to relax.
We have a fun agenda for this evening!
What would you like to do first?

music off

label main_choice


@zoom reset

@CAMILLA stands screen left AND CAMILLA faces right

if (tapped_1) {
if (tapped_2) {
if (tapped_3) {
if (tapped_4) {
goto done_choosing

@speechbubble is 186 255 to 100% with tail_top_left

    CAMILLA (think_rubchin)
(What should we do?)

“Spa” if ( [NOT tapped_1] ) {
gain tapped_1
goto option_1

} “Massage” if ( [NOT tapped_2] ) {
gain tapped_2
goto option_2

} “Masks” if ( [NOT tapped_3] ) {
gain tapped_3
goto option_3

} “Snacks” if ( [NOT tapped_4] ) {
gain tapped_4
goto option_4

And then I have my scenes written under the label option_1 and label option_2 and label option_3 and label option_4. And I checked to make sure after each scene it has goto main_choice. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

is there an error on your script?:thinking:

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There’s no error in the script. And it works in the web previewer, just not the mobile previewer.

So maybe its a bug you should restart your phone or something and delete an app that’s not important!:see_no_evil::heart:

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Sometimes it happens to me!:heart:

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Unfortunately that didn’t work. Thanks for the suggestion though!

my apologies for not getting back to u earlier! But I don’t personally see anything wrong. Try filling out a help ticket? I feel like there’s been a few issues with the mobile app lately, but maybe that’s just me.

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Alright I’ll try that. I just figured it was something in my coding.

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Any thoughts @Dara.Amarie ?

When you test out gains in the app, you need to reset story progress

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Oh my gosh thank you so much!! It worked!!!