I NEED CODING HELP! Involving labels & closing brackets

With this image, it says that I cannot have a label within the closing brackets, but I don’t understand how I can change this without stuffing up my code. I really need help, please!

Is your tappable overlay necessary? If it’s not, you can remove it and it will work just fine.
Or just add flag/gain, or point system to remember the choice.

I wanted to have the exact same thing at the end of my chapter, I made too a faq overlay but it doesn’t work to have a label inside of brackets, and if you close the brackets before creating the label the faq won’t show at all. Trust me, I spent like 2 days ghosting on the forums to find an answer but it seemed like no one knew what’s up. I even used the same template from dara amarie as you:) so in the end I just had one blank scene with all of the questions, then I redirected the readers to another scene where they could view ponts/ end chapter using tappable overlays.

See, that’s the issue I really need this tappable overlay, it’ll make my story more advanced and make it more fun, if I can’t have a label in closing brackets then I can’t have tappable overlays, which means my story won’t look that good. Maybe if there was something out there you could switch with the labels…

another thing; pretty much when you opened the first bracket for the questions overlay you created a space where you can add your coding when the reader taps- in that “space” (which is supposedly open since you didn’t close the first bracket with }) other brackets came in, and overall inside of the “big space” that of the question overlay you created a label. I tried to search up why it doesn’t work and people said that it would just mess up the code and make it end up with a lot of bugs.

If your story doesn’t have a faq overlay it doesn’t mean it’s not good lmao no one actually cares about that just focus on the actual episode

I understand you may think that, but for me, I want the questions button there, I have another 5 buttons that I fear will have the same issue :woman_facepalming:t3:

Like what, I’ve been in the same situation, you mean that readers won’t think my story is good because I didn’t add one tappable overlay? Uhh, no, not at all.

I just explained what happened to me, no need to facepalm after someone tries to help

I’m sorry but WHAT? I haven’t done such things, I’ve asked for help, I’ve told you what I wanted my story to look like. I didn’t ask for your opinion, I asked for help. I’m not implying that your story is “bad” because it doesn’t have tappable overlays, what I implied was that I wanted them and that I wanted help. Excuse me if I sounded rude but now you’re just turning it into something is doesn’t need to be.

And the face palm emoji was because I feared I’d have the issue repeat more then once, not because your help was “useless”

It’s not an opinion lmao I helped you by explaining how the branching works and that it’s not effin’ possible to have a label inside of brackets, what’s so hard to understand? I literally was trying to do the same thing with the same template and that people did try to help but it wouldn’t work. That’s not an opinion, I just saw someone who was in the same situation as me and I tried to help and explain what’s up? like damn, good luck with your buttons lol

Well thanks for trying to help me, but I’m sure there is an answer to this, I just have to find other people to help me.

The issue is that you cannot have labels inside of brackets. You will have to place that FAQ template outside of that tappable choice and put a goto inside that leads to the template label.

goto startstory
goto QandA


label startstory

Thank you so much Dara.Amarie, I was actually just coding that exact thing. Thank you for your help.

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