I need Coding Help

Why is this Choice wrong?

can i see your whole script like from top to bottom

usuaally choice are suposed to be like this

“Okay miss” {

“you cant tell me waht to do” {

if (blah) {

[script here]

} elif (blah) {

[script here]

} else {

[script here]


or check out

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Are you trying to make a choice or remember a previous choice?

To make a choice, the format is:


“Option 1 here” {

} “Option 2 here” {

} “Option 3 here” {


To remember a choice, the format is:

if (choice_name is “Option 1”) {

} elif (choice_name is “Option 2”) {

} else {


Please read through this guide to learn more about remembering choices and how to format them correctly.

you are using the word choice way to much you only need it when you start a choice.

like this


“option 1” {

“option 2” {


The whole thing is bit messed up.

Honestly it is not clear to me what are you trying to do…why you have the same posibilities 2 times and why you tried to use elif coding.

Try to make it simple

What should I say?
choice “Okay, miss” {
Okay, miss
Go change

} “You can’t tell me what to do” {
You can’t tell me what to do
Go to the principall…

can someone help me also? im not very familiar with forums so im not sure how to make my own post regarding coding help

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OK thank you. so this is was happening, whenever i try to incorporate an animation into my code it doesn’t work. it asks me if i want to create a character because apparently the animation is unknown?! which is weird because how is the animation unknown if people who are authors use them. and ive tried reaching out to authors for help, ive tried fixing it by myself, and now im reaching out to the forums for help lol. I REFUSE TO GIVE UP


well if the animation is unknown that means your not typing it in right here are the list of animations
@anaya1 if you need anymore help you can ask :slight_smile:

Hey! Sorry to intrude, but can you send a pic (snapshot) of your code? I came across this problem when I first started.

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its ok lol

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yes i can

when i try to post the image it doesnt allow images to post… unless im doing it incorrectly. im sorry this my first time doing any of this lol.

Ok. I’m not by my computer atm. So I will try to help you the best I can :blush:!

This will show up in a different position for whatever device you’re using but, this is the button to add photos to your message .

Hit the button and it should tell you about “upload file”. Click that as well and it should take to your gallery or file gallery (of pictures).

Select the one you want and hit the upload button.

ok so i snipped the image of my code and saved it however it does let me post it on here :frowning:

“sorry you cant put images in a post”

That’s weird🤔. Are you on a tablet or computer? I’ll private message you to see if that changes.