I Need Constructive Criticism And feedback

I would like to know your honest opinion so that I might know if my art is good enough to open my own art shop but however if it has rude or off topic comments I don’t wanna hear it. I would like you to state your opinion in a calm and well mannered way because trust me my mouth can get a little spicy when it comes to blasting back other than that please tell me your thoughts and what I should improve,:slight_smile::kissing_heart:


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It looks really cute! The only turn-off for me would be her mouth… I feel like she hates singing or maybe she’s yawning in the Microphone… I’m not an artist so I have no idea how hard it is so all I Can say is wow

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It’s great! :smile:
I love how the body is turned forward (like how she’s standing, idk what I’m saying). I also like the jeans a lot. I think you could improve on is the nose. I don’t know how to explain it, but maybe it’s the line that goes from the nose up to her eyes.
I think if you would make the eyelashes more exact and smaller they’d look better too.

I’m not at explaining or giving tips, but I hope I helped somehow. If not, at least I can say that it looks good. :grinning::sparkles:

What i said didn’t make any sense again…

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Thanx sooo much and I will definitely look into improving that :heart::slight_smile:

Lol thanx soo much and I will try to improve in that area as well :kissing_heart::slight_smile:

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And what u said made sense so don’t worry lol😂