I need COVER ART for my story!

I need cover art for my story its called All I Ever Wanted Was Love. I thinking of having a winter theme for the cover as its Christmas soon and I would like to put it into a December contest.
thanks xx


I could help :blush:

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Hello @zaylorrose.winters, this is Sydney the moderator. Welcome to the forums! :smiley: Moved this topic to Art Resources since you’re looking for cover art. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

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Thank you and I’ll def check out the forum tutorial then.

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Omg thank you could you maybe send you some characters of mine and then you could see what you can do.

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Sure :blush:

Hi! I would love to help you out!
I have four different styles:
Style 1:

Style 2: (old version so it would be better than this)

Style 3: (old version so it would be better than this)

Style 4:
image ![image|396x500]

Thanks I really like style 4 however my story is in limelight do you think you could get it in limelight maybe I could send you my main characters.


These are the two main characters

Skin: Copper 08

Brow: Arched Natural in colour blackJet

Hair: Long Double Dutch Braids in colour blackJet

Eyes: Female Generic in colour Brown Dark

Face: Diamond

Nose: Round Flared Downturned

Lips: Full Heart Pouty in colour Plum Gloss


Skin: Copper 04

Brow: Round medium in colour Dark brown

Hair: Curly Mohawk in colour Dark Brown

Eyes: Male Generic in colour Brown Light

Face: Triangle Chiseled

Nose: Straight Pointed

Lips: Medium Straight Natural in colour Rose Light Nude Matte

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I could help!! Even though, I’m not a pro but I’ll try my best. :hearts:

Wait, just to be sure, you like this style right?
image https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/pocketgems/uploads/episodeinteractive/original/3X/e/3/e3419e15b46db6af80abfd4e26ec36d480a964d3.jpeg

Yes I do but my story is in limelight. Xx

Okay, tysm, I’ll make your cover and you can use it if you want to! xx