I Need Cover Art For My Story


Hey guys! I am currently writing a mystery story called “The Riverside Mystery” and I would like some cover art for my story is anybody interested in helping me make a cover?


If you have an Instagram account, I know that epy.teaparty on Instagram takes cover requests.


I upload one of my cover image at the top.
If you are interested just mail me @ karthikarain7@gmail.com
I am willing to help other writers. If don’t want to mail me just replied to this command and tell me what you think?!:blush:


Moved to the Community Resources section as that’s where art requests/exchanges live. Carry on! :v:t2:


Thanks A Lot! I will definitely check them out.


Ooh Its really nice! Do you have any other covers that you created?


This is one of my best cover. I created this today for a writer who asked me to make a cover art for her☺


Woah! You’re covers are awesome! So, can you make a cover for my story?


Of course! Tell me about your story description and author name.


Would you be able to help me with a story cover for my story?


Okay, send me your story description and author name


Thank you, but I don’t need a cover anymore.


If you like it just follow me on instagram


Oh My Gosh! This is amazing!! What program do you use??


And can you make one change for me? Can you put the title and my name closer to the art because episode is making me crop it and the title is being covered,


Of course I can make it for you…:blush:


Thank you!!




This is breathtaking!
Can you attach the file cause I can’t seem to download it?


I can help but I mostly do it with episode characters.