I need cover art help!

Which cover(s) I’d like : Small and Large Covers please!
Character details and outfits I’d like them to be wearing:
Skin - Gold 01
Brows : Arched Natural Scar (black dark)
Hair : Long Wavy Parted Hair (Light Brown)
Eyes : Round Medium (Blue green)
Face : Heart Soft
Nose : Round Button
Mouth : Full Heart Pouty (pink beige gloss)
Outfit : Vintage Halter Cotton Yellow Canary, Pleated Small Belted Waist High Skirt Cottongrey Black,Strapped Accented Watch Face Metal Gold, Checkered Slip On Shoes Cotton Grey Black
,Cross Necklace Metal Silver.

JACK (on both covers) :
Skin - Copper 00
Brows : Round Medium (Light Brown)
Hair : Medium Side Curls (Medium Brown)
Eyes : Male Deep Sunken (ice blue)
Face : Triangle Defined Chin Pointed Ear Skin
Nose : Grecian Narrow
Mouth : Medium Heart(Rose light gloss)
Outfit : Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Black,Swoopneck Sleeveless Stripe Grey True,Chunky Sneakers Leather Black

Story title and author name : Just a teen thing,Lilly
Vibe of the cover/story genre : Romantic, Exciting,strange
Background you want to be used: i don’t have one but you can chose whatever you think would be good
Basics of the Small Cover : For the small cover, I would like Rosie and Jake looking foreword and smiling and rosie looking shy.
Basics of the Large Cover : I would like Rosie and Jack to both be on this cover. Facing each other Jack should be staring at Rosie in an happy way, and jake should be shy and confused

Thank you so much and I can’t wait to see the cover!

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Edited or drawn? And maybe request at an art shop?


i need edited <3 and i don’t know any atm

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You can request at mines!

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ok thx!!!

Here is the link!

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If you need any splashes for ur story, check out here: https://forums.episodeinteractive.com/t/freyas-splash-shop/324034