I need cover art! Please help

Story: Mission Rebel
Description: You just wanted to get drunk and have fun, To bad that you died… Or at least you thought you did… Until you got revived and turned by a sexy vampire, Will you be able to cope being a vampire? Or will the heat rise as the hearts around you beat faster?
Main character: Choice name and default name is Cora…
Will give customisation… but the default character is this:
(In her vampire form and will need fangs…)

(And here is her club outfit)

Then the Sexy vampire who will get customisation and choice name but default name is Xenax and his default is:
(Will need fangs)

I need it so it looks like CORA is dying because she is being crushed by a car and Xenax is watching rolling his eyes (This is right before he saves her)

I can do it! Can you send me the characters details? Also do you want it to be just cut out and paste in or drawn(it will take longer)?

Here’s the link to my art shop if you’re interested
Silver_Shadow art shop