I need cover art please!


Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone could make me some art for my cover! If you can could you please send me some examples? I would like something really cool and unique, so if you think you could do this, please let me know! And I will of course give you credit :grinning: Thanks :blush:


Sure thing :heart:


Really tysm! Could I have some examples?


Oh my god, I’m really sorry my tablet, where I do my covers just died :persevere:


I can try on my phone (the one I’m using rn) but if you want examples you’ll need to go onto my art shop… sorry again


It’s perfectly fine!


You don’t have to be sorry :blush:


Thank you :relaxed:
Oh btw have you worked with @Emi664 before?


Yes I have!


@noelle09 Cool!! I was there when she made that splash. (We’re bffs :smiley:)


Yeah I really like her work! She’s really good at it!


Mhmm :smiley:


and she gets it done super fast!


@noelle09 so if you want to check out my art shop you can see some examples then decide if you want my help :sunny:


Cool thank you so much!


Np :heart:


I will check it out, however it’s like 1:00 am where I am and I should get some sleep for school in the morning lol so I will let you know tomorrow!


Ok np, get your sleep gurl!! :heart:


Haha! Thanks again :slight_smile:


@noelle09 It’s nothing. I’m glad to help :kissing_heart: