I need cover art please!


:blush: I’m glad you can help!


Okay, goodnight lol

Actually it’s more like good morning :joy:


Ya :joy:
Also it’s morning for me anyway so it kinda makes sense. 6:36AM




See you later tomorrow for you and later for me!! :joy:


Lol goodnight :blush: :heart_eyes:


Thx that’s really nice of you to say


Your welcome! :kissing_heart:


Hello again! So I have looked at your art, and I really like it. The only problem is that I need a limelight cover and I see you only do ink. Which is totally fine I can get someone else to do it. But thank you so much for offering! :smile:


I actually do limelight and ink now I just don’t do classic cause they creep me out


@noelle09 I do limelight aswell but my examples are ink.


Oh oops I thought u were talking to me I see that u were telling my bestie that, nvm


Ik! classic is really creepy :joy:


Oh! Well that’s perfect then. I will message you the details :slight_smile:


Perfecto :3


i recently started doing ink art
here’s some, if you’d like i could make you a cover


Heya, I’ve already made one, but your work looks really good so maybe you could make her a cover as well to see which one she prefers…?


the girl contacted me and it’s on limelight, i dont do limelight so she’s all yours :smiley: