I Need Cover Art!


Oops, did I send this to you? Sorry >~< I meant the other person (I forgot her name- was it lililolly???)

So you need a large cover?

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Can I help?? :smile: PM me

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Yes, pretty much XD Thanks btw, it’s appreciated.

Okee dokee :slight_smile:

Do you need a cover or a splash go to Making cover art And splashes (1-30 minutes)(Free)(open)

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Do you still need cover art if so then I could do check out my thread here

Can I please have cover art and I filled out form already.

She is not coming back til summer is over but I be happy to do yours.

Thank you

Do you want me to fill out form so you could know what to do

Are you still there???

Female (INK)
Black Beach Wave Hair
Soft Natural Nose
Full Round Mouth (Dark Red)
Feline Black Eyes
Oval Shape Head

send the details here


Also can you put him on it too?
He’s a vampire
White Classic Round Eyes
Define Triangle Shape Face
Uneven Lips
Skin Tone is Light
Cropped Black Hair

Can you send them here for I can remember and one of the members there will do it.


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I could help

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