I Need cover artt! (INK)

I’m new to this whole episode making thingy. I need the main cover art and then the small one so 2 total. Make sure you give yourself credit as I will in my stories :blush::blush:
Main characters

You can make this into an edit or make one from scratch :wink:

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and my own art shop

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I dont have any cover right now. els I would have loved to just to post one. saying here you go contact me when you have actual details.

because your post is legit written like you think we are mind readers knowing extually what you want

for a note 9 out of 10 does the same. for some reason people dont understand that we need details to make anything

All I need is a small cover and a large cover :wink:
Take your time and make it whenever you want and make sure you give yourself credit!

Alright I just joined today and don’t know how this works so sorry about it

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