I need covers for my first story anyone is allowed and the help is very much appreciated!

I am in need of a cover for my first story, it’s called Friday Nights need a large and small cover for those interested feel free to message me I here. Just some background it is an ink story and I will try to provide character pictures or character description at the least.

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My group can

Thank you, it may be a few days before i send out the characters detail or pictures.

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Okay thats fine

I am also very open to whatever ideas you have but if possible I would like to stick with the colors of black, white and blue as that is what I’m going to dress the characters in for the covers

@maddy_roleplayz Im so so Sorry for the delay my computer was acting weird and I just got it fixed.
But I finally can give character details. There are two MCs one female and the other is male. The title of the story is Friday Nights

Female mc:
Skin tone: Light
Hair: Black,
Hair style: Beach Wave
Eyebrows: seductive arch
Eyes: Upturned Bold
Eye color: Purple/ Violet
Lips: Full round
Lip color: Crimson
Face shape: soft heart
silver pendant necklace
Denim Jeans
Black and White Letterman jacket
Black Sporty chic heels
Black Dressy crop top

Male Mc
Skin tone: Light
eyebrows: thin arch
Eyes: sloping smolder
Eye color: green
Hair color: Auburn
Hairstyle: Unstyled faux hawk
Nose: Button
Lips: Classic
Lip color: blush
Face shape: Defined triangle
Black ripped punk pants
Blue Open plaid shirt
Blue hipster hightop sneakers
tank top (black)

Again I am so sorry for the delay thank you for helping me

Thank you for offering, but I have already received an offer from another group. But if needed can I contact you