I need covers for my new story!

Hey everyone! I am currently making story ”Wishes passing” And I really could use good covers, (I suck at them) and yeah! Tell me if you would be interested to do any cover (and mature themes and sound warnings!) But before I accept, you could dm or send a picture here of your work :slight_smile: I am not in any rush, so feel free to take a little longer time (no more than a month) Here are few ones of differebt creators that I really like :

Hey @Anniihp ,
I can help you with splashes. (mature themes and sound warnings)
You can check out sample splashes below :point_down:

i can help you
i am not sure i can make spalshes but i can make animation covers if you want me to INK ore limelight???
oooh and warning+music animations too:grinning::grinning:
here is some of my work for others.

i can send you some if youre intreast:grinning::grinning:

Sure! :slight_smile:

Hey! Your splashes look great! I can’t send you now the characters, but I would like one where there is the black/white episode background and there are my characters and it says something about mature language and another where there is mc, and it has headphones and it says the sound thingy. Like you have done similar before! And one for outro ”to be continued ect.

Hey u can send me the details (I specified in the tread what I would be needing)!

So, by animation covers, you mean like “splashes” with an overlay of text that moves?

i can do the spalshes to

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