I need covers for my story!(for free only pls)

hey beautiful people!

So i need cover for my story (both large and small) and i can’t give commission so its a free art request.
There is one more condition to it :sweat:
I dont have a pose refrence to what i want but i can explain it very nicely and in a very detailed manner.
:two_hearts: :two_hearts:


I can only do edited at the moment

If you’re okay with waiting, my requests are opening up on Instagram @nat.alia.writes next Sunday! Examples are on my feed and art highlights :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i don’t know if you can do the pose that i want by edit…if you are interested in trying then please tell :two_hearts:

i did see your arts amd they are lovely …but by wait you mean how much time approx.?
and also i see you are holding some giveaway so maybe i can enter that and you could select me?

The earliest I could start your art piece would be this upcoming Sunday 11.29 :heart:

hey thank you so much but some other artist has taken my request
:two_hearts: :heart:
but i’ll give your instagram a follow so i can reach you in future

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Yep no worries. Good luck! :grin:

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:white_heart: The Vintage Art Shop :white_heart: (Free PFP’s, Covers, Splashes, Overlays, Art Scenes, Character Cards and More)(FREE)(OPEN) this shop has all of your necessities.
We are also having a giveaway when the thread reaches 500 likes and there will be one winner.
The artists of that shop have contributed in the winner’s prize.
So go on and tell your friends to like That thread so that you can enter and possibly win a giveaway !!!

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