I need covers for my story Help?


Here you go


Is there any specific pose they want?




Okay, I’ll get to work then :blush:


hey are you still working on it if not just let me know lol


Oh shiz! I totally forgot. Omg. School and stuff has me cornered so things get tossed around.:sweat_smile:
Please please please forgive me, I am still working on it. Is it okay if I change the animations? And what are they’re skin tones.
Also author and story name please.:smiley:


yea of course I get it I am in school too lol
skin: tan
author; rose
title: Repeating History


Okay. Thanks again! You’re the best for still letting me do this.:slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll start working on it tomorrow (or later today because it’s 12:35am where I am.:joy:)


its 12:35 where I am too lol and your doing me a HUGE favor by making me something lol


Lol. Making the characters now!:sunglasses:


Is it okay if I change the girl’s animation to blush or flirt or something?


sure surprise me




@roseyy, I finally finished it. Hope you like it!


love it thank you so much


Here is our version! Please credit us if you use : epi.sunset!




I can do it


If it’s not taken


I also added some filters so you can choose whichever one you like best:
image.jpg750x620 173 KB

image.jpg750x631 154 KB

image.jpg750x668 158 KB

image.jpg750x635 134 KB



thank you so much!!