I need covers for my story


I need covers for my stories.
Please can anyone help me?


I can try! Pm me!


Dang you replied so damn fast


If could try too, if @Mya1357 is okay with it :sunglasses:


Actually you can do it too. Because I have some covers. And she can’t finish it all by herself.


Okay, no problem you can PM or DM me the deets @QueenMilii_Episode :grin:


Hey, may you please make an arm overlay? I would like it to be a male character hugging someone.
Skin: Taupe with tattoos


I can try!


Hey if you still need help with something else I’m happy to help


Aw, much appreciated :heart:


Yeah I’m down. May you please make a hand overlay when a female is holding hands with the male?
Male: Taupe with tattoos
If you can’t do that then may you please make an arm overlay where the person is holding the males face?


Ok hold on


No worries. Take your time


Wait you want the overlay like their hugging or just holding hands


Hm, maybe holding hands


Ok kool


Hey sorry I won’t be able to do your request right away I’m a MOM so I found someone who can do it for you here’s her thread


You can also check here as well


Could I help ?


Yes @Chesirekitten101 she wants this but I can’t do it right now