I need covers! (Please?)

I’d be so happy if anybody could help me with this.

I’m entering the Heroes and Villains contest! I originally created my own covers however my phone won’t charge and I’m not sure when I’ll get it fixed! So yeah I kinda can’t access them.
Would anybody be willing to create covers for me?

Title: H & V: Twinsanity
Author: Amelia Nelson
Genre: Comedy
Brief description: After being recruited as Brotdorf’s new superhero you uncover a dark secret. You now have to keep on top of homework, have a social life, be a hero AND hide the fact that you know this secret.

Here’s an example of what I imagine the cover as being…

Of course I quickly created this in Microsoft Paint, But the basic idea is, MC has one of her hands around her sister’s waist and the other by her side. TWIN has both fists clenched, she is looking to the other side (avoiding eye contact with MC). I imagined them both in casual outfits, not school uniform because their school doesn’t have one :joy: I’ll send their character details in a Private Message to whoever wants to make the covers and I’ll also talk about outfits and the general cover in more detail.

Thank you for reading this and thank you more if you’ll make my cover!

did you get the cover done yet??

Hey. I’m not a cover maker but I do make splashes! So if you need any check out my splash thread here:

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