I Need Creating Families For My Main Characters (LL)

message me if you can help & ill message you the details

Is it a limelight story? If so, I can help.

What is the story genre?

How many family members do you need?


  • send me the character details for your main characters (so I can make them similar to their family members)
  • send me what sort of personality you want the each family member to have (doesn’t have to be a detailed description. A few adjectives will do)

Are they:

  • Kind?
  • Nasty?
  • Positive Thinkers?
  • Negative thinkers?
  • Brave?
  • Shy?
  • Friendly?
  • Unfriendly?
  • etc?..
  • send me ages of each character
  • send me any name ideas for each family member
  • send me the name of your story

If you choose to credit me for the characters, you can use my…

  • Episode App = M_H_C_Episode
  • Instagram = m.h.c.episode
  • Episode Forum = M_H_C_Episode

Hope to hear from you soon (: