I need crime investigation ideas!


Hello! I’m writing a story where the main character is an F.B.I. agent and I need a plethora of different crimes that I could include in my story.

If you come up with any unique ideas that I think I could use in my story, comment them below! If I do use it, I’ll message you and ask how you prefer to be credited and the chapter that has your idea, I will credit you in the beginning! Please describe in as many details as possible! Tell me the type of crime, how many victims, the killer(s), the genders, the story behind the murder- explain what you can! Much appreciation xoxo.


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SO … For Crimes i was thinking 1st degree murder or homocide.


What type of killer? (gender, age, etc)


Maybe you could make a case where a few bodies of men or women are found and the agent discovers they all have something in common that would help figure out how they were killed and who did it.


Well yes that’s the point. But do you have any ideas like a complex case?


I have no idea if this is what you’re looking for but one case could go like this:

The dead bodies of young little girls are appearing across town (rivers, parks, etc.). A woman shows up to the police station claiming her daughter is missing and she’s scared. There’s a deranged psychopath on the loose. The girls show marks of abuse so the police assume some male pedophile is going kidnapping and abusing young girls but, none of the victims shows signs of rape. They arrest several men but even with the suspects in custody another victim turns up. In the end, the killer turns out to be the woman who showed up to the police station earlier. It is found out that she has no kids and lost her only little girl (miscarriage). So, now she’s desperate to find the perfect replacement (the other girls were killed and “spanked” because they didn’t fit her ideal of the perfect daughter).

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Oh, I’ve got another one.

A college girl is found murdered in her dorm room. When the medical examiner does the autopsy they find out she was really a man! They talk to her roommates and best friend but the roommates had no idea she was a man and were out at a party that night. Her best friend knew she was a guy but went on a date at the time of the murder. The police talk to her ex-boyfriend who dumped her and became violent when he realized she was a man. Everyone assumes he did it because he has motive for being angry with her. It turns out he told his close friend, who abhors everything homosexual, about his ex when he was venting and his friend followed her to her dorm room. This led to an argument/scuffle and then he “accidentally” killed her.

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Well to make my post more specific somebody that knew the agent calls in her apparent murder. When the chief sees that shes indeed still alive, the chief sends her in to figure out who this impersonator is.

When she gets to the crime scene, she sees that the woman looks just like her features wise (whichever you choose to make her look like). Being slightly disturbed about the ordeal, she does research about the murdered girl and finds out that she dated a friend of her ex so she goes to ask him about the woman in question.

Eventually, she discovers that the culprit is her ex who’s obsession with her caused him to attack any woman who reminded him of her.


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A 15 year old girl is jumped resulting her death. The victim was beaten with a bat from the school’s baseball team. It was done by 2 girls who were ex friends of hers. They were happy about her death. The reason they killed her was because she wouldn’t help them steal drugs for them all. They were charged with adult charges and were later sent to a mental hospital.


I personally love the episodes where they learn the person murdered has like two separate lives (usually it’s a male, but a female would be interesting). However, maybe to be a bit unique- I broke it up into parts so that it’s easier to read

Erin York (random name) was reported missing by her husband. Normally this wouldn’t be an ‘FBI’ case, but she was / is asset to an ongoing investigation into human-trafficking. The MC and her team talk to the human-trafficking ring leader who is in jail, and they claim to have nothing to do with it. They talk to the husband, who admits to having some marital problems because she was always at work (he suspected she didn’t feel safe at home with the ongoing investigation, also mentioned they even spent a year apart a few years ago, but they were getting better. She had news she was going to tell him after the trail). However, the days she apparently works - she’s not.

The MC looks into flights and other finical abnormalities. The MC finds gas purchases in a town reasonably far from where Erin lives. There’s no family in that town or work related reasons. They look in phone records to match area codes, but don’t find anything. However, the landline received one call from the area code. The Husband recalls last week when a child called the phone asking for “Mommy” - Erin told the husband to drop it, it was just a prank. Around this time, they learn the owner of the phone number and it tracks to a cell phone of Josh Cardinal, a person suspected to be apart of the trafficking ring.

Finally, the MC goes to the house and finds it trashed with everything broken and burnt - but most importantly, there are images of Erin having a second family with Josh Cardinal (Anger Issues, has a record) with a son (or daughter) who is around four or so. Back at the jail, the MC asks the Trafficking leader the relationship between the Josh and Erin, but they are overly cocky about it and don’t give any information. Meanwhile, there’s pressure from above to drop the case (or kill Josh if the MC finds him) because if it’s learned Erin has a ‘double’ life, her knowledge about the trafficking ring will be tossed out the window, and the bad guy will escape.

The team reviews what they know. The kid would have been born during Erin & her husbands one year apart, but would have been conceived when they were together (she cheated). They let the husband know, and during this time, the medical records show that Erin is pregnant. The team now believes that Erin (and child) have been kidnapped by Josh. They also find papers inside the house to ban Josh from Erin (and the child)'s life. The MC activates an Amber Alert- and they get a lead.

This lead pans out and they storm a cabin in the middle of know where, where Erin and the child are being held hostage. The regular shoot out and such- yadda yadda - Erin and the Child are saved and Josh in cuffs. However, now since Erin’s testimony is now invalid, the team convinces Josh to testify instead in return for some time with his child (in his delusion, Josh wanted a happy family with Erin & the child). All parties agree. Happy ending, Erin’s husband meets the child, and he’s totally jazzed about it (even more since Erin tells him that’s she’s pregnant with a child). Drug Trafficker ring leader is in jail (and I guess vows revenge if you want him to return)

or alternative ending, Josh dies and the ring leader is let out of jail - and likely going to be back in the MC’s life.


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