I need date ideas for my story The Tribrid

ive never been on a date (sad i know) and my characters are going on a date i have no ideas what to make them say or do uhm… help please

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Date ideas:

  • Ice skating (in winter) / regular skating
  • Boat
  • Picnic
  • Hot air baloon
  • Road Trip
  • Movies
  • Restaurant / Café / Ice Cream
  • Cooking something at home together
  • Party

To ‘help’ the conversation flow, I recommend playing questions - where the characters ask one another a question. You can use choices for that, so that the readers are engaged too :slight_smile:

Some question ideas:

  • What’s your biggest fear?
  • What do you wann be in the future?
  • Favorite food / color / song etc.
  • Pet peeve?
  • Celebritiy crush?
  • The most emberassing moment of your life?
  • What’s your biggest dream?
  • Do you have a hidden talent?

Hope this helps :blush:

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how old are they?

  • i didn’t date in middle school bc it was literally banned at my school lol (no joke, like they would call your parents and threaten out of school suspension oml)
  • in high school I think we just went places that we could walk to or have our parents drop us off so like the mall, parks, oh and that thing where a friend group hangs out just so that two people can be together without telling their parents hahaha.
  • in college we did a lot of concerts bc they were free on campus or a fraternity was having a band party, we did dinners and dress up/formal events, but those were less frequent.
  • after college is kind of whatever weekend events are in the city like food trucks, little fairs, and whatnot. also going with your bf/gf to play whatever sport or activity they’re into is a good one (we do a lot of tennis golf and bowling weirdly enough haha). i’ve been dating the same person for ages oml I kind of miss first dates, but I think a safe bet is to get them telling funny stories about their favorite activities, trips, dumb things they did with their friends, etc.

theyre 19

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