I need DINER backgrounds!


I need some diner backgrounds from 60s… Preferably with multiple views! Please help!

Credit will be given in the story


I’m not good with backgrounds, but these two are: @MysteriousAmaya and @MadisonW You might want to check them out!


@/thorneartstudio (IG) has some. Not sure if they’re what you’re after? Link in their linktree.

@/tw.episode also has some diner booths but from two perspectives- one with a cool diner background and one with the door.


I can make you one, are you ok with a real life-ish theme? Or do you want episode style, I’m not real good with episode styled.


I didn’t even think looking at her drive :woman_facepalming:


I’ll take anything :grin:


Ok, when do you need it?


Whenever you finish it D: I can wait


Ok! I neeed to finish one background then I will start yours!




Do you have a diner name? I want to add it as a sign


Luis’ Diner, I guess


Ok thanks! Do you want a night version. And can you select the views you want?

  • Night Versions
  • Booth Versions Side
  • Booth Where it looks like someone’s looking at someone els
  • Inside
  • Cash Register
  • Diner View

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Night version is not needed, thank you! :heart::heart:


Ok I attempted episode style, but is this ok?


This is amazing!


You’re so good omggggggggg


Lol thanks, I usually don’t do Episode art. Also sorry about the graveyard :joy: :joy: I didn’t have any other backgrounds in my photos.


It’s okay! TYSM! You’re so talented :heart_eyes:


Thanks again! I will start on the other now!