I need directing help! (Overlays staying on screen after I clear them?)

I have added quite a few overlays into a scene in my story I have made sure i have cleared all the overlays after I was finished with them to return to the scene but a few overlays have stayed even though I cleared them. When I go to the overlay directing thing in the previewer and click to see which overlays its picking up but the ones that are still on screen arent there! I dont know if this is a glitch and I need to submit a ticket or whether Ive messed up somewhere in my coding!

If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it!

Zoe x

Post a shot of the part of ur script with the overlay commands.

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Here you go thank you!

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I don’t see where an error might be. Have you tried it out on a device?

Maybe another pair of eyes can catch something that I may have missed. @lanafrazer_episode might see something?

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Okay thank you! It might just be a glitch but I’ll try it on another device before submitting a ticket. But thanks for your quick replies! Xx

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If you want all of the overlays cleared, the command is:


Oh I didn’t know that was a thing! Thank you so much I’ll try it out tomorrow! :heart:

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