I NEED directing .HELP -PLEASE

Hey. I have an issue with animations in a certain character when I write the the command @CHARACTER is idle_rear or idle_awkward_loop (not sure what it’s called) it’s not working and the character doesn’t respond to the behavior what should I do?

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Do you have a picture of your script?

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  1. check if the name of the animations is right (spelling eroros are more often that one thinks)
  2. look if there is some error message on the left
  3. if the spelling is OK and no error - refresh the page - it hapened to me that it was just a bug of the browiser and after refreshing the page it was wokring again.

I’ll send one now

Yeah I always insert all animations from the drop down box at the right of the page and I only have one error of an unapproved background I’ll screenshot my script now and you’ll see the whole thing

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Sorry I forgot to send the picture but the problem is solved thank you♥️

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I did it thank you :heart:

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