I need directing help with clothing, hair, makeup choice template

I’m still learning how to use episode and I can’t get my own clothing choice script to work. I was wondering if someone had a script for a dressing game with lipstick, hair and, clothing all in one.
If anyone could help me or send me a already written script I would greatly appreciate it.

INK or LL?

So you want to be able to choose all features and outfits at the same time?

How many outfits?

Sorry for not clarifying.
I’m doing an INK story.
I’m wanting to allow the reader to pick the outfit, hair style, and lipstick in one dressing game. I don’t need complete character customization if that’s what your asking.
I was going to have 6 outfit choices, 4 hairstyle, and 4 lipstick choices.
I hope that makes sense. :grimacing:

Okay I’ll pm you.

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