I need EXTRA BACKGROUND characters for my story (limelight)!

Heyo boos, I’m making a story for the upcoming creator’s contest and I need more background characters with small speaking parts because I can’t make very good people :joy: , the style is limelight
I will give credit in the story and give you a part in at least one episode
If you want credit, type your instagram or episode forum name and i can point u out on that, if u wanna lay low :joy: then you just don’t add the username, I need diverse characters :two_hearts:
After I make your character I will reply to your post :blush:

K byeeeeeeee :two_hearts:

Hey, I’m Vivainah. Here are my details:
Skin- Beige rose
Face shape- Round soft
Hair- long straight loose bangs sideswept solid (dark brown)
Eyes -Round downturned wide (black)
Eyebrows - Arched thick styled (dark brown)
Nose - Defined natural
Mouth - Full heart pouty (rose matte)
Personality - calm, determined, stubborn, witty.

Hope I’ll get a chance to be in your story!!!
Instagram: @vivainah

Moved to Resources section! :v:t2:

I just made ur character, so i’m planning to put u in most episodes because I don’t have many characters, do you have a love interest that I could add? x

Can my character be in your story? I’ll send the details in a minute

This is the character
personality: a bit shy in the beginning, but once you get to know her better/ are friends with her, so can be a lot less shy. She is also smart.

You can credit me as @Eva123

I would love to be in your story! xx

I’ll send my character soon x

Hi, my name is Brooklyn @b.brooklynnx on instagram and here.

Personality: Not afraid to speak her mind, very very sarcastic but in a funny way. Total badass but doesnt really look like it.

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okay so @vivainah @b.brooklynnx @Eva123 @ChayChay and bf are in episode 1 and I’m planning these will be in more episodes, now I just need background characters and some small parts

thank you :smile:

thank you! x

Yay!!! Thank you :heart:

Yes I do ,here are his details:

BTW he’s totally imaginary and does not exist in real life, lol

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okay tysm :heart_eyes:

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You’re welcome :heart:

Sorry I can’t send the clothes used. I’m too lazy unlike other people :sweat_smile:

Name: Destiny Pearce
Personality: Kind, Reactive, Timid, Light-Hearted

Credit As: @MrBitPlayer

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