I need feed back on my first story. it’s complicated to do it on a phone but I’m doing my best! please give me feedback



TITLE: Pregnant By My…
DESCRIPTION: Mulasia slept with someone she should’ve had more information on. Will she keep his baby or abort it? Is her mom lying?
STORY TYPE : Episode Original
STORY STYLE: Episode Ink
EPISODES: 3 (on going)

Hope you like it :blush: it’s my first time


I’ll read it now :heart:


Thanks let me know how it is :weary: i know it’s some glitches so please don’t mind those


i think you story is really nice to be your first one, keep up the good work


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


In my opinion the episodes are a little short and I chose not to go to with the teacher and my character still ended up pregnant… also In my opinion you should give the readers an option to customize the main character because I think it makes the story better :heart: but I still like the story a lot and think It’s very creative and for your first story and in the app It’s very good!

Btw if you’re looking for a co-author i would love to help you write and improve the story from my laptop! and if you don’t want to or not allowed to have a co-author I think you could try to improve the story on a laptop but write it mostly on your phone… If you need help you could watch youtube videos about it. (I learned everything I know from youtube) or send me pictures of your code in the computer and I could help you :two_hearts:


Thanks and I’ll try on my laptop but if i still don’t get it I’ll definitely contact you. And the reason for that was mainly because earlier i accidentally deleted some scenes for option “No” but i will definitely fix that since I had some sleep


Good luck :two_hearts:


Hey, i was wondering if you could look :eyes: over my story again. I changed and added a few things.



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