I need feedback on my first ever story (made solely with my laptop)! HELP

Hi guys,

Okay, I made my story solely with my laptop, because I don’t have a working phone handy. So I haven’t watched how my story looks! Can some people check my story out and tell me what to Improve on?Also, is there a way I could watch my story without a phone? (Other than youtube)
P.s. I know my story isn’t good, HELP!


First things first, why can’t you preview your story in your laptop? That happened to me as well and the solution is to use Google Chrome instead of other browsers. In my case unfortunately my Chrome keeps crashing so I don’t have a choice but to preview the story from my phone. If you’re able to use Google Chrome on your laptop then I suggest switching from your current browser to it. Some advanced directing properties can’t be previewed from laptops, or so I’ve heard, but other than that you should be fine.

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Hey i would love to do a review for review!
Here is my story!
Title-Your my bad blood
Please do give my story a chance!!


@Licorice How do I preview my story with my laptop?

@Mellisa2731 I would love to but as I said I don’t have a working phone with me at the moment so I won’t be able to…:pensive:

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Aww its ok i will review your story when i have time!

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@Mellisa2731 Thanks! Um, Do you know which one my story is anyways?

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Share me the link?

You first need to have Google Chrome or other episode supportive browser. There’s an orange button on the upper right that says “Save And Preview” or just “Preview” and then the preview will appear on the right.


Thanks so much! It worked!

Heres the link:


WARNING: Story is under improvement and proofreading. (Will be available soon)

The story description is(it is not currently being shown): A poor family finds baby you on a road wearing a mysterious necklace. They adopt you. But once you win a lottery, your history returns to haunt you.

Ooh I’m interested in giving feedback. :slight_smile:

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