I need feedback on this idea- would you read it?

would you read this?
The humans hate the supernatural world. you’re picked to attend the school with these creatures. you hear they talk about an unkown killer they want to kill. the problem? it’s you…
genre: Thriller/Fantasy
lgbtq+, full CC, available name CC.
and should I add the option if you want to be male or female? :upside_down_face:


Hmm, that sounds really interesting, I would probably read it. And about choosing to be male or female, well I think it’s good to put options, but it’s really up to you :blush:

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I would love to read a story about that! And adding that option is totally up to you. Do you want the readers to be able to choose? Are you willing to code in the two branches? I’d ask yourself these questions to decide (:


I definitely would read this, hun!! Doesn’t matter if you give the readers the option to choose the gender. That is totally up to you. You are the author, so you decide. :wink: @HermanEpisode has a point, before you choose ask yourself if you are willing to code in two branches.

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Wow :open_mouth: that is quite the story!!! I would love to read it!!

I agree with @AngelWings1983. You need to ask yourself if you’re willing to code two branches. I’m writing my first episode at the moment, and I thought it would be fun to choose male and female branches for both MC and LI. And to complicate it further I have 2 LIs and thought it would be good to include one with both genders. That’s a total of 6 branch’s. And that is waaaaaay to much for me and I took it all out!

My advice: if this is your first episode, keep it simple so you can learn everything else first.

But at the end of the day it’s your story, your rules.

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I am coding for quite a long time, I already published one story and I am pretty advanced with coding, I also know that choosing your LI’s gender and choosing the MC’s gender is a lot of work since I already worked with both. I can take it but it probably take too much time because of school

If you dropped this story today, I would give it a read. This could go in so many directions, and now you have me intrigued.

No worries, I was giving you an ”if” that wasn’t true. You could ignore my comment if you want. After all, advice is advice. You can choose to ignore it!

I know, but I’m still thankful for all the advice

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