I need feedback ;P

What’s ya’lls thoughts on a Military story? (I’m highly passionate about the Military, after hs going into basic training and then to the Marines)


Depends on the plot, but in general it’s something we need to see more of on the app.

I want to go into the military too, either after HS or when I get my bachelor’s degree. I want to do Coast Guard, seems like it would be cool.

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It’s going to be sorta like COD xD but not really … it’s gonna be the struggles of the American Soldiers, or any of the soldiers really. It’s about their will to fight and protect us

I might throw in a small love story while i’m there, because some people fall in love ig

Honestly I think I’d like it. I grew up with my dad being in the military (I didn’t move around or anything, but he was deployed once for like a year so that sucked). I never wanted to go into the military after hs like he and my grandpa did, but for some reason I’ve been thinking about it lately (I’m in college now). I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about it, but I’m pretty interested. (And I love military games like COD, so if that theme was in it I think it’d be pretty cool to read :sweat_smile:) But yeah, I love this idea

Thank you !!! (:

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