I need free art scene PRETTY PLEASE!

this is my first ever story and i need someone to do an art scene LL, if ur willing i will pm u the details
tank you much

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Hey :slightly_smiling_face: just something to consider, you might have more luck if you add a few more details.
If you want it drawn or edited, if it’s LL style itself or Realistic or cartoon etc, if it’s going to be custom poses or not, what genre the story is…

These kinds of bits of information can help, some people only do drawn works, some only edited and some both, other people could be unable to do custom poses and things, so having hardly any information in your original post can put people off responding :slightly_smiling_face:


okay thank you

I could help but I only do edits

okay that will do, i’ll pm u

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Ok thankyou please visit lovelies art shop for my examples :slightly_smiling_face: