* I NEED Free Carribbean home and outdoor backgrounds. Internal & External*. Credit given for your help

Hi Episoders,

I really need some backgrounds & overlays for my story. I would appreciate any help I can get.

I am willing to give credit for your help!!!

Showing Gratitude in advance :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent: :pray:t6:

Hi. Thanks for these. I wanted more home features, town life etc. but these beach ones can be used. How would I actually incorporate them to my story?

Thanks Alot. Much appreciated.
How do you find these?
& yes, how do you upload them into your story?
Thanks :pray:t6:

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How you upload everything is you go to your Writer’s Portal page, click on Art Catalog at the top, then click Available for All Stories and then I’ll be a dropbox so then on the dropbox click Uploaded to YOUR account and then click on the blue Select Image button and then select the size of the image, etc and then once your done click the box that says that you have rights to the picture, etc and then once you’ve done that your picture will be in review.

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Thank you. Much appreciated!

How do I get a background designed for my story?

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Thank You!

What do you mean?

Can you get backgrounds made for your story or do you just have to get new backgrounds online as suggested by @Natasha.Brown1.


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Thank you. I appreciate it :pray:t6: :smiley: