I need fresh eyes to help me revamp my story

Hi fellow writers and readers! My story, In the County, has been out for awhile, and I’ve already edited it once. To be honest my first few episodes are not as well-written as the later ones because it was my first story and I have learned _a lot _ since then about directing. I want to continue this story- but these first episodes are discouraging, and I want to know what the readers think.

Would you read further into the story?
What would make it better?
Should I continue this story? (Probably will but I want to know your opinion.)
I’m also editing a new title scene, so it is only featured in the work in progress episode 7.

Here’s the link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5184933012570112

Thank you for supporting me and giving me feedback!

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Sure. I can read the first few episodes for you. Well I can read whatever lets me with the passes I have :sweat_smile:

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Thank you! :smile:

I read the first episode at least. It’s good. The directing is pretty good too. Better than mine’s honestly. Though like you I’m starting out too with my first fullbody Limelight story. Like I said the only thing I would recommend adding is sound and music for stuff. Would I read more into it? Sure. It seems to be a decent story to get me hooked :thinking:

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Thanks! I think I got the sound figured out and I will add it in!

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Cool! One more thing…when ending an episode that’s playing music already, make sure you use the 'pause for a beat, press ENTER, then use the ‘music off’ command. Otherwise when users launch the new episode, music from the old episode will play in the new episode. Baffling I know, but Episodes themselves say this in their guides :laughing:

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If u want, u can put it for a review in my thread. I do detailed reviews.

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