I need friends (join if you do too)


Hey everyone I would like some new friends and i’m sure other people out there do so here is a place to hangout, post whatever and meet new people!


Hi! I’m looking for new friends too! Because I’m somewhat new to the community :slight_smile:


I’m also somewhat new nice to meet you x


Nice to meet you too :smiley: Do you have instagram?


Yeah! It’s thatrandomgurl111 dm me


Hey, I would love new friends as I am new to the forums.


Hey Mzking! Glad i’m not the only one! I’m pretty new aswell and I hope we can be friends feel free to post whatever you want here!


Thank you, @Katie3 do you have stories I can read on the episode, and I will also follow your profile and the other ladies also. My downtime consists of me having a good read and a glass of wine when I can.:joy:


And will follow your profile also, glad to have found a new friend.


I do have stories but believe me you don’t want to read them :joy: what about you do you have any stories on episode?


Hi, I’m also looking for friends.


Hey Megan! Welcome to the club! We’re all pretty nice here so i’m sure you’ll find some new friends!


@Katie3 I would love to read them :joy: I can get into almost any story that has a story behind it. :heart_eyes: and I do, it’s my first story called Breaking the Cycle. It’s a little short the first few chapters, but then further along go onto 500 beats per chapter. No one is perfect, we all are a working progress, just like my story :joy: :joy:


Hi Megan


I’m currently working on better ones but the one that is published was my first story using the old episode style and believe me it’s bad :joy:



@Katie3, I totally get that whole first story not being that great thing. I feel like over time my writing alone has gotten better, but especially my directing.


I’m currently working on one but it won’t be ready for ages! x


@Katie3 I could feel and say the same for my story except for any author it takes a lot regardless if it’s in Mobile creation or doing it by the manuscript. I remember when the episode first started when campus crush was the only story you could start with and when passes were given every two hours. The manuscript form was hard for me, because of timing. I have kids so didn’t have time to learn it, so I respect those who have. We learn as we go… No one should be criticized for their story because it’s a working progress but let me know when you do a story, I will support!


Thanks for the support! x


@Purple_Ghost @Katie3 the first episode style, the original form I absolutely loved the hair choices. Wish they were still available! And @Purple_Ghost thank you for the support and help on the feed I’ve created you are truly amazing.