I need friends lol


hey guys i’m 15 and i’m a really chill girl. i’m looking for some online friends XD i can give you my snap lmao so hmu


Sul sul (simlish) But sup girl I’m 16 and willing to make friends whenever, but the only social media I have is discord and Pinterest. But not the main ones.


yuss helloooo hows you?


I’m okie dokie :blush: hbu?


samee im on writers block and im just thinking what to put in my story XD


Girl I feel I hate those things! Are you new on the forums?


Hey everyone :hugs:


i just made this account a while ago!








You copy me​:sweat: :joy:


wym XD


Well welcome to the forums you will become addicted. :joy:

I’m also the chocolate queen of chocolate land and happily married to @k.w.episode she’s super cool. But again welcome. Also PM me whenever. :joy:


it isssss i feel like im consuming my time on this XD


Ohhhhh hon you’ll get use to it hahahahaha.


i hope so XD do you write stories?


Yeah I have one Episode out now and I’m also writing some books.


cooll how long have you been on forums?


I need some friends too.:sleepy::joy: