!I need FRIENDS!

Hi, I’m looking for some friends to just talk to.
Here is a bit about me…

I’m 14 years old.
I love guacamole
I horseback ride,
I love to draw,
I love to write,
And I’m a weirdo.
If you want to know more PM me.


Hey I’m weird too so if you wanna be friends you can pm me. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also 14! Turning 15 in ten days. Sure I’ll be your friend



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Oh heyyy PM me whenever you need to. :sunglasses: :v:t4:


I will<3to be ya friend :>

Howdy everyone… I’m very bored and have nothing to do. Anyone wanna talk?

im 15 and i love acting and my name is alex : )) if anyone wants to be friends pm me aha

I’m 16 lol ^^ •~•

I am pretty busy with school so um;-;
I might not be replying to this thread so ya.hehe hehehe.
Life is boring isn’t it -^- -~-

hi. i’ll be your friend, im 14 and im a weirdo too!

I’m 21 years old… If age difference doesn’t matter to you PM me anything you would like to talk about…

Sameee pm me whenever u need to :wink:

Anyone pm me we can talk! :slight_smile::sparkles:

Let me know if you have an Episode Instagram!

MY insta is pabepisode2019 :grin:

Mine is @Gabi.episode

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