I need friends!


Hello! I am new to the episode community and I am currently working on a story. I would like to get to know the lovely people on here better so leave a comment if you wanna talk :slight_smile:

Update: If you really wanna keep in touch, dm me on insta (mine is episode.christie) I’m more active on there


THIS CALLED OUT TO ME! Let’s be friends :slight_smile:


Haha hi! So how’s it going? (I’m horrible at conversation starters, ik) :joy:


It’s going pretty fast! Ha ha ha :frowning:


aw :frowning: wym?


Anyways! What are some hobbies of yours? I like anime, Kpop, music, cartoons, games


Um I’m kind of a sporty person. I spend much of my time playing soccer (I’m also on the team at school!) Do you participate in any team sports? And what type of music do you like?


Hi! I have been in the community for 3 months now and recently got in touch with y’all for couple of weeks now. Most of the time when I talk to the episode community, it was to get help on making a story. It would be nice to make friends in the community :slight_smile: By the way, I can be pretty socially awkward at first… I just want to warn y’all that :sweat_smile::joy:


My highschool doesn’t have sports, it’s a more professional highschool but soccer is my favorite sport! And I used to play basketball and tennis, I listen to Kpop, v pop, Spanish music, rap, pop, and basically everything just everything lol


Haha I’m sometimes the same way! And yea, I have been coming on here to get help but I figured it’s about time I made friends! :grin:


Aw :frowning: I like spanish music, pop, and I listen to a lotta Panic! At the Disco :joy:


I loveee Panic! At The Disco!!!


OMG REALLY?! What are your favorite songs from them?


Emperor’s new clothes, death of a bachelor, Miss Jackson. Yours ?


Sorry to interrupt the conversation, but this is a chat friend making group of Episode people on Discord if you want to check it out. :slight_smile: https://discord.gg/dnr6Xsg


Golden Days, The Good the Bad and the Dirty, and But it’s Better if You Do. They were very hard to pick out the top 3 cuz I love most of em XD


Oh cool! Sorry if this caused any problems btw :slightly_frowning_face:


Ah I’m not allowed to have Discord


Those are good songs! Mhm what now?


This didn’t cause any problems for me, I was just letting you all know about this. :slightly_smiling_face: