I need friends 🤧


I’ve been on forums for a year (my old acc: @Stephotte ) now and honestly I just noticed I don’t really have any like close friends. I have a lot acquaintances but I’d like some real friends. Like y’all can just tell me a little about yourself etc and hope that we become close.

I probably might actually have friends but I’m too scared to say that they’re my friends in case they don’t feel the same way


Hiiiiii!! I love making new friends. If you ever wanna talk, I’m here to listen so PM me if you’re interested. :wink:

Beware- I’m super honest, which may come across rude. :joy:


Sup well I don’t know there’s a lot about me. I’m up for making friends because that’s pretty swanky but yeah you can ask me anything really.


@WinterMoon05 @Chocolate_Mama I actually don’t know how to start a convosation really.


Hahahahaha no problemo. Well I’m chocolate mama but you can call me choco or chocolate that’s what most call me. I’m 16 on here pretty much all day everyday. I like writing. I like to bake. I’m like super crazy but in a good way hahahahha. Love to laugh I’m highly sarcastic. I’m like mother forums here I have so many forum kids as well. Mmmmmmm and yeah that’s all I can think off my head. Really y’all can just pm me or anything I’m free for the most part.


Lol that’s cool. I’ll PM you then. :joy:


If you want a friend
You can always askkk
And I’ll be your frieeeeend…
Lol :joy:

Don’t mind my song.


My african uncle is lonely and depressed? : O ono




LOL I’m not depressed I just really like that photo.

Should I make a group chat for everyone who posts on this topic?

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  • No

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YASSS gurl.


I have no friend but myself


Lmao that’s me when the school starts.


Also my tablet and art are my friends no one likes me kn the forum so I just make art and have convos with myself


I’m your friend. And I don’t hate you


Also @Stxphanix where have iu been yiu havent been replyinf in the group chat or did i forget you


Since art is my friend this is why he let me do to her/she


That’s nice. I just read everything I normally have nothing to say that’s all




Aw I’m always down for making new friends. I’m insanely introverted irl but online I can really be myself :slight_smile: