I need generic background characters

I need characters that just look generic, plain and forgetable. I need these sprites for the generic public but I mostly need them for a point system …

Feel free to use my character :blob_sun:

She is very beautiful, I’ll give you that, but she is in no way generic. If people see her in a public they will either want her as a LI or expect to see her come to the story later on.

It reminds me of this lol


I mean, if you give her brown her I think it’s generic enough, but if you want to change something else feel free to do so!

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Okay, but considering how the fact I made the weird people in my story just look dead it wouldn’t be that shocking to people as somebody looking like that lol

@Sydney_H close this, I obviously won’t find anything good enough here

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It’s @Sydney_H
She’s the moderator to close this not just moderator.


I didn’t know who closes and who doesn’t I’ll replace the tag in the edit thanks

Honestly if you need characters that are that plain just create them yourself as most people who have LL avatars make them unique to portray themselves as an individual. Or just use the generic preset characters.

Closed by OP request. :smiley: